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When I became a mom, I didn’t just gain two adorable little dudes... I gained 2x more stuff — which sometimes feels like 100x more!


We moved into my current house when I was 36 weeks pregnant, and I never properly organized when we unpacked… I basically just put our things wherever! Of course, as my boys have gotten bigger, we’ve acquired even MORE unnecessary clutter.


Every room has its challenges, but the biggest struggle for me by far is my kitchen! It is filled with wedding gifts I haven’t opened, appliances I never use, and pots and pans I wish I could find but seem to be buried under other “stuff”.

I was SO excited when I discovered there was a team that could sift through this madness and create an organized, livable space for me that I know will create a feeling of zen everytime I walk in. Maybe I’ll even cook more since I’ll be able to find my gear!

Simply Spaced takes the guesswork and hassle out organizing. They can help transform ANY space in your house. I’m going to show you how they worked their MAGIC on my kitchen!

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How does Simply Spaced work?

First things first! They came in to see my kitchen, and chatted through some ideas on how to make it super functional and beautiful. The morning of the makeover, they walked me through their 3-step process:


Their team showed up and pulled everything out.. I mean EVERYTHING -- and sorted it so that it was super easy to see what I actually had! Then, they walked me through each pile and helped me to “purge” all the stuff that I simply wasn’t using anymore. Guys... I got rid of SO much stuff! And it felt amazing. The best part, they actually took all my donations, and got rid of them for me.

  • Second, they STREAMLINED.

  • They brought in products - like bins, shelves, and jars - to maximize space and make everything that much easier to see and get to.

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  • Lastly, they STYLED!

They added special styling touches - like plants and artwork - to make the space look and feel like my home.

Then, the big reveal! They showed me where everything was in my brand new kitchen.

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Now that my Kitchen looks better than it ever has, I might just cook up a gourmet dinner, or at least plate our takeout on our good china!

Click the links to shop my kitchen makeover with Simply Spaced!

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Xo, SamSoMuch

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