What Every Mom Needs: Mixbook Helps Moms Create Memories That Last a Lifetime


How many times have I sat on my phone and gone down the rabbit hole of adorable pictures dating back to the birth of my first baby who’s now 5? (I won’t answer that.)



I have been on the search for a way to organize my favorite moments with my family and bottle up all the fun memories year after year.



When I found out about Mixbook, I was like, Ummm, brilliant, thank you! Mixbook has the most beautiful and user-friendly website—for those of us less technically inclined—that makes creating memories a breeze.




Sitting down at my computer, I was a little overwhelmed at first because there were so many great products on the site! I narrowed my search down to a photo book and then to a yearbook, since I wanted to create an annual yearbook that captured fun moments throughout the year in chronological order.



The site then had me upload my pictures from Facebook, Instagram and Google Drive (so easy!) and then organized them for me in my book! Boom—10 minutes later, I had built a coffee table-worthy photo masterpiece.



IMG_2116 2.jpeg

I was sure to order extra copies because I don’t like to share, and my boys each love having one in their rooms and I love gifting these to grandparents. (Best. Gift. Ever!)



Check out my video HERE to see how I built my book and you can visit Mixbook’s site HERE to build your very own.



Thanks as always for stopping by!







—Edited by Ella Stewart. Ella is a part-time freelance copy editor and a full-time stay-at-home mom to two little ones.



Samantha Gutstadt