Why Every Content Creator Needs…Content!

Featuring Ographr, the app that answers a content creator’s prayers


As a content creator and blogger, I have found in the last year the need for having professional photos for posts or brand partnerships to be a must. I know, there is a lot of technology at our fingertips these days, between tripods that fit smartphones, ring lights that have a mount for our cameras and phones and Bluetooth technology that allow us to take a picture from our phone with the push of a finger on a device. I have tried it all. Yet there is still no substitute for a photographer with a trained eye and creative sensibility for what makes a great shot!


Photographers also have their own style and tone. 


Cue Ographr!



Ographr is an app that helps content creators like me find local photographers and videographers at different price points in their area. It’s truly brilliant and a very cost-effective way to get great content at one’s convenience! 


I sat down with founder Stephanie Day to ask her some Q’s about Ographr and get some tips on content.


Sam: Can you tell us how you thought up the idea for Ographr?


Stephanie: I first came up with the idea for Ographr after my not being fully satisfied with our wedding photos. My husband and I looked into hiring another photographer to take a few bridal photos, but the whole process was a nightmare. There had to be a better way! I created Ographr to help make booking photographers easier, transparent and more affordable, with a faster turnaround time. We vet each photographer to be safe, reliable and have a certain level of experience. We also make sure they are prepared for each booking with checklist reminders so they don’t forget important equipment that could potentially ruin an important shot. Retouching is a separate fee, which lowers the base price point and makes the turnaround time to customers 24-48 hours. You can select your favorite photos and pay per photo you want retouched, instead of every single photo, saving photographers time and you money. Ographr also helps photographers keep track of bookings, have better communication to clients, receive cashless payments, do less editing and provide on-demand scheduling for last-minute shoots. Our goal is to connect photographers with more photography jobs so they can earn a living from doing what they love. 


Sam: Why is it important for bloggers and content creators to have professional photos for their feeds?



Stephanie: With Instagram’s new algorithm, it’s more important than ever to have professional photos to get views. An average of only 4% of your followers see your posts, so higher quality and more eye-catching posts get more views and more engagement. We work with a lot of influencers and have noticed an increase in brand partnerships and most get hired again by the same brand for future campaigns. You can also use these professional images to pitch other brands to work with you and work a photographer fee into your rate!


Sam: What are the three most important components to a great photo shoot?


Stephanie: For a great shoot, you’ll want to maximize your shooting time with the photographer.

  1. Be prepared and organized, have all your outfits and accessories picked, know what outfit you’ll wear for each location. Have flat lays or products arranged and styled as a starting point for your photographer. 
  2. Save inspiration photos on your phone and show your photographer as a reference. 
  3. Have FUN! Being in front of the camera can be intimidating or unnatural at times, but just remember to have fun and enjoy being a star for the day. 




Sam: If the shoot is not specific to a brand partnership, how can a blogger figure out what to wear and where to shoot for the session?


Stephanie: Think about what YOUR brand identity is and the overall look for your feed. What are your brand colors? What words describe your personal brand? For example, if your feed colors are muted pastels and your brand is romantic, soft, girly, then you’ll want to wear something that reflects this overall style. You can also select outfits that relate to an upcoming holiday or season.  




Sam: How does one figure out their “style” for their IG grid? Can Ographr photographers help?


Stephanie: Absolutely! We have free email consultations for anyone that needs help selecting a great location or help with finding inspiration photos that perfectly align with their brand identity, or offer creative direction if stumped on a brand partnership. It’s complementary—simply visit our website, ographr.com, and click on the chat icon or email friends@ographr.com and mention “consultation” in the subject. 


Here’s a $10 discount—with the code photosinaflash—to use at checkout when booking on the app! 



Thanks as always for stopping by!

You can download the Ographr app HERE

and check out MY IG page HERE - almost every photo is from Ographr!






—Edited by Ella Stewart. Ella is a part-time freelance copy editor and a full-time mom to two little ones.

Samantha Gutstadt