Got a Babysitter? Here’s the Perfect Fall Date Night

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. The days are shorter, the nights are crisper and the holidays are moments away. Good movies start coming out in theaters and work starts to lessen. I have so much nostalgia for this season, specifically the latter part, post-Halloween.

My husband and I are pretty good about having a regular date night. We started booking a Saturday night sitter on the regular when our first kid was a few months old and we rarely skip a weekend. With our busy schedules and full calendars it’s really the only time we connect with each other outside of the everyday stuff like getting the kids ready in the morning or watching Netflix at night while on our computers and phones trying to get some last-minute work in. #qualitytime

Date night is sacred and key to keeping ourselves sane and in sync with each other.

I encourage you to take your loved one out during my favorite season (if you’re not doing it already)—here are a few suggestions for a perfect fall date night!


Ice Skating, Food Trucks and Hot Chocolate

  • Find your local skating rink and they will likely have hot chocolate and food nearby. Dress cozy and hold hands (for balance!) and enjoy a hot chocolate and bite after. Guaranteed to be filled with laughs!

Dine-In Movie Theater Night

  • What is cozier on a chilly fall evening than throwing on some stylish athleisure wear and going to see a movie the way it was meant to be seen? Dine-in theaters have wine delivered right to your seat...oh ya...and food.

Mall Crawl

  • I realized that once we had kiddos, we never just hung out. Like aimlessly wandering through a shopping center, looking at clothes, trying things on, grabbing a coffee. It makes for a great date night! You can cross some holiday items off your list and encourage each other to try on different things and offer your opinions. Sort of a Pretty Woman moment.


Explore a Neighborhood You Have NEVER Been To

  • We recently tried this and it was such a fun night! We ventured to the Arts District in downtown L.A. and wandered around, finding coffee shops, art galleries, boutiques and then a cool new restaurant, where we got cocktails first. I felt like a tourist exploring a new city. It felt fresh and sort of “first date” like. Very sexy.

Visit a Local Pier, Amusement Park, Etc., That You Would Usually Go to During the Day or in the Summer

  • Release your inner teenager and have a date where the kids do. One of my favorite dates with my husband ever was when we went to the Santa Monica Pier. We played games, he won me a stuffed bear. Then we went on a few roller coasters and held hands, which transported me right back to high school. Going in the fall is so much fun because it gets dark earlier, it’s less busy and just feels so different!


I hope you enjoyed my fall date-night tips! Go grab your loved one and enjoy.

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Samantha Gutstadt