Back-To-School Season

How is it September already?!


The fall season to me has always represented change. It means back to school, it means I take another trip around the sun (my birthday is in the fall. It’s the time of the Jewish New Year and the only two days I actually attend synagogue, don’t judge). Fall is always about transitions and re-evaluating. 


Now that I’m a mom, fall is also about letting go. I have enjoyed the summer hanging with my two little dudes, and as excited as I am to get back on a regular schedule (who’s with me here?!) I also can’t shake the heavy feeling of my kids slowly separating from me, growing older and more independent. 


Besides the emotions that fall elicits, I also know I need a whole slew of gear to be ready for back to school and I like to take this time to reset and realign our rules, our morning routine and even our bedtime routine (no one wants to deal with a sleep-deprived kid at 8 a.m.).


Here are my tips and tricks for re-entering the school year with ease (and style).



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I like backpacks from Pottery Barn because they can be personalized (my fave) and come in every size you can imagine, with the pockets and slots you need for your growing kiddo. I am also a fan of these by Rex London. My boys have matching elephant print ones. 

No matter what age or stage your kid is at, leave yourself time to get everything they need. I like making lists and slowly checking off each item as it’s accomplished.


School Fashion

I love Zara for comfortable yet stylish clothes for boys and girls. Grab a few pairs of leggings or sweatpants, graphic T’s and long sleeves. Even better, they always have sales so be sure to peruse the sale section online. They ship free for orders over $50!

For shoes, I love Adidas Stan Smith Velcro sneakers. These are stylish yet playground ready. Plus, you can get a matching pair for yourself for some cool mommy-and-me style. 

Mother Trucker hats keep kids’ heads shaded while still looking super cool. They have the most adorable sayings!

Beru Kids makes stylish yet comfortable clothing for all kiddos with text like “Sorry Not Sorry”! 

Primary makes affordable and bright fun separates which I love! 


Lunch Club

I adore Planet Box! They make bento boxes with interchangeable magnets for your kid to change their style all year long. Their lunch bags fit the bento boxes perfectly and have amazing handles that make carrying it a breeze.

I like these ice packs that are eco-friendly.



After-School Fun

My favorite piece of advice for parents is not to overschedule their kids. Our preschool has enrichment classes daily right after the school day ends which makes it easy. We have my son in two classes after school and one more out of school on another day. The rest of the time, we come home and play or hit up the park. Unscheduled and free. I love Seedling activity kits for those post-school days when you are home for a few hours and want mess-free, easy crafting that encourages creativity!


Get to Sleep

Once school starts, we get back to our routine! We go to bed at the same time each night and I prepare my kiddos with what our routine will look like so we are all on the same page. We also pick out outfits the night before so there are no meltdowns in the a.m. I use SleeperHero, which is a great tool for teaching kids to self-regulate and stay in bed till it’s time to get up—it’s a superhero doll with a light that is red when it’s still nighttime and turns green when it’s time to wake up and it comes with a book you read your kiddo at night. You can get it here! I love using bedtime as a time to check in with my kiddos and ask how the day went, what their favorite part of the day was and who they played with. This lets me connect with them (and secretly be a little bit of the helicopter mom I sometimes want to be!)


*For those of you who are just starting the school journey, preschool is your first entry into this world. Choosing the RIGHT preschool for your kiddo and family is so important to start this journey right. I highly recommend taking mommy-and-me classes at prospective schools in your area to get a feel for the school’s culture and community. I started taking parenting classes at Piper Preschool and knew right away it was the perfect fit for our family. It was the right mix of progressive that gradually grew to be more structured as my kids got older. Knowing my kids missed the cutoff for most schools, I knew they had the BEST DK program around. Tour at least three schools, talk to families that currently go there and mostly…don’t sweat it! You’ll end up where you are meant to. 

If you are an L.A. local, check out Piper Preschool’s open house coming up Monday, Sept. 11 here.

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