Teepees for Tots

Just because summer is almost over - doesn’t mean outdoor playtime has to be!

Growing up I always loved creating forts and playhouses out of cushions and blankets. There is something super magical about having a small intimate space that is open to all possibilities! One day it is a castle and the next it’s a spaceship shooting off to a far off galaxy.


Since becoming a mama, I noticed teepees popping up everywhere, on social media, at markets and on cute Pinterest boards! There are all kinds - indoor, outdoor, an array of colors, sizes and materials. The amazing thing about teepees is they are super practical and stylish. They fit in a boho Cali living room just as seamlessly as a kid’s playroom.  A durable teepee also creates an amazing outdoor play-space in an instant!


Market Maison has created the cutest, most stylish teepee which is nautical style inspired to make your kiddo feel like they are at a lake or by the sea whether you are in your house or your yard.


The BEST thing about this teepee is it can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors! Its convenient and easily collapsible structure makes it a great on-the-go item to take with you on road trips or family play dates and also makes it so easy to fold up and bring from inside to outside and vice versa.


And guess what?! @Marketmaison is doing a GIVEAWAY! Head over to their page HERE to enter.


Contest starts August 17th 9 am PST and ends Sunday August 20th at 11:59 PST


***Giveaway for California State ONLY - winner will be announced 08.21.2017


And no worries if you don’t win - you can use my unique PROMO code { gutstadt5off } for $5.00 off your very own Orange Stripe Kid’s Teepee purchase!


I hope YOU are enjoying the last magical weeks of summer and thanks as always for stopping by SamSoMuch!



Samantha g.



Samantha Gutstadt