6 Q’s with Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright from Your Zen Mama

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Zen Mamas

6 Questions with Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright


Take two beautiful actresses who are friends, throw motherhood in the mix and something magical happens—Your Zen Mama.


Your Zen Mama is an online space created by Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright for parents and caregivers to discuss the comedy, complexity and beauty of pregnancy and parenthood. Teresa and Sarah have brought a mindfulness to their content that is refreshing and inclusive. In addition to forming this amazing community, they are also super successful actresses and busy mamas.


I sat down with them to learn more about their site, how motherhood has changed them and some of their mama must-haves! 


You two have collectively created a really amazing community online for mamas. Can you tell us how you were inspired to create Your Zen Mama and what your hopes and dreams are for it?






Sarah & Teresa: Your Zen Mama was born out of the desire to create a positive space for mamas to connect, collaborate, inspire and check in with one another in an open, loving and supportive way. We believe in less separatism and judgment and more unity and encouragement. We all need to be uplifted and embraced in this all-important journey of parenthood. I think what makes us unique is that everyone has a voice at YZM. We have created an outlet where anyone can share. 







Sarah, you have a little guy and baby girl, and Teresa, you have a stepson, a toddler and a baby. How has becoming a mother changed you, if at all?


Sarah: My mind has been opened to a much more conscious way of living, learning and adapting. My heart has always been in the right place, but becoming a mom grounded me. I have such a better understanding of myself and what I want and how to accomplish it, even in a much shorter amount of time. 

Teresa: I think my core beliefs are the same, but every aspect of my life feels more enriched. I feel everything on a much deeper level—the lens through which I view the world has altered significantly. My heart is much more open, compassionate as well as vulnerable. My days are filled with greater adventure, wonderment and teachings.            


Name five diaper bag must-haves…


Sarah: Diapers (I use Seventh Generation). I love Water Wipes, too! Hand sanitizer, cars (any car of any kind, both of my kids love them) and my Nest by Native Wilds (I use it for high chairs and the stroller to keep the sun out of her eyes). 


Teresa: Water Wipes (seriously, why were they not invented before?!), sun hat, nappies, Peek-A-Boo Forest crinkle book that he is obsessed with by the Lamaze company and Kombucha for mama! 


What’s the funniest parenting story you can share? We’ve all had those tough moments and sometimes it’s great to laugh at them!


Sarah: I took Wyatt to his meet-and-greet for preschool last year. I was about 8 months pregnant and we were meeting all of his teachers and other kids at the school. After about an hour of him running around the school and yard, I am chatting with a teacher and look over to where Wyatt has been playing with some kids. He jumps up, walks over to the wood chips, drops his pants to his ankles and starts a “nature” pee. You can now imagine my eyes widen and 8-month-pregnant body jumping into high gear and running across the yard to scoop him up.   


Teresa: I had one of "those weeks" recently. After a series of mom fails it was topped off when I hopped on a long flight to Paris and Forest did a big blow-out in his nappy. I reached into the diaper bag and realized I had left the wipes and a stack of nappies in the airport toilet. I had to use some from another mom for the 15-hour flight! 


There are also those times when both boys are screaming for me and need me to hold them and I end up holding two crying kids and I just start to laugh! I find that they instantly get pulled out of their emotions when they see mama laughing at the craziness of it all! 


What is your favorite way to spend a day as a family? 


Sarah: An adventure out to Malibu, lunch at one of our favorite spots, nap time back at home, post-nap dance party followed by dinner and snuggly book time. 


Teresa: At the house, swimming in the pool and hanging in the sun, picnicking on the grass and playing board games together. 






What’s the one skill you have honed in your respective careers as actresses and creatives that has served you as a mama?


Sarah: Our schedules are never the same. One month we may be home every day with the kids and the next in another state or country with them. I think the ability to relax and go with the flow has served us very well. We have a schedule for them, but it’s loose—naps don’t always have to be at home, the timing doesn’t have to be exact. They are both very easygoing and adaptable. 


Teresa: Being in flow! I think it's just a beautiful life lesson in general, and I've applied it to both my working life as well as life as a mum. When we are present and open to all possibilities, then we are able to engage in anything that comes our way, whether it be positive or more challenging to navigate. 



Find Your Zen Mama here, and you can follow them on Instagram here (Teresa Palmer) and here (Sarah Wright).


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