Navigating Legoland With Kids in 10 Steps

1. Create Your Plan

I highly recommend going to the Legoland California website before you embark so you can get the lay of the land. Figure out what type of day you want to have. If you are staying overnight at the Legoland Hotel or a hotel nearby, you will have more time and can take two days to do the park. If you are driving back and forth in one day from a neighboring area, know what you want to cover in the one day you have. 


2. Arrive as the Park Is Opening

I can’t say enough about how great it is to start the day early. The kids are fresh, you are fresh and the park won’t be super busy (it usually gets busier as the day goes on.) Legoland is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. so I recommend rolling in at 9:50 a.m.


3. Bring a Good Stroller 

Be sure it has good storage and pack a lot of snacks, water, sunblock, hats and a change of clothes for everyone—there is water at the park. Legoland offers strollers for rent when you arrive, but they don’t have much storage and they look just like all the other strollers at the park that people have rented, which can make picking out yours at the end of a ride difficult. Your stroller will be your home base all day, so even if it’s large and annoying to bring, you’ll be happy you did.


4. Download the Legoland App and Plan Out Your Day

Which rides are musts and in what order do you want to do them? You can also pick your lunch spot. We loved Fun Town Market Restaurant, which has so many healthy options for adults and kids and lots of room to sit and park your stroller.


5. Get the Multipark Pass If You Have More Than One Day

It will grant you access to the aquarium and the water park.


6. Get the Reserve ‘N’ Ride Electronic Ride Reservation Device  

It includes 14 rides (the best ones) and my little ones could go on pretty much all of them. My 2-year-old was too short for just one (you must be 40 inches to ride on the roller coaster). If you use Reserve ‘N’ Ride, pick the option that cuts your wait time by 100%—you basically walk in through the exit. No waiting at all, breeze through the best rides and take your time going on the other ones.


7. Shop the Merch       

Stop at one of the adorable toy stores and pick up some exclusive Legoland merchandise. We loved the large shop near Ninjago. My kids each picked out a special memento to take home. Bonus: the toys at Legoland are different from other Lego toys sold at stores outside the park.


8. Get Insta-Worthy Photos  

Make sure to get a few photo ops throughout the park—super cute Instagrammable moments are everywhere. We love the Lego Knight on Explorer Island, where kids can put their face inside the Lego structure and look like they are wearing armor.


9. Don’t Miss The Lego Art  

On your way out, do walk through the area that has all the Lego Star Wars structures in Miniland USA. You will be amazed at the artistry that went into constructing them all! 


10. Time Your Exit             

The park closes at 5:00 p.m. so you can hang out till they kick you out. Make sure you are lining up for your last ride at 4:15 so you have time to enjoy it, stop for a snack and potty break before heading out!

Samantha Gutstadt