Mom Tested Summer Fashion

Summer is almost here and I am so excited to share some of my favorite pieces and styles for the season.


I also have tips and tricks to hack some trends to make them wearable in #momlife. Because sometimes style isn’t always practical.


High-Waisted Denim

I love a great pair of high-waisted jeans. The only problem is, they aren’t always that comfortable! I was on a mission to find high-waisted denim I could wear all day—because, c’mon, moms don’t have time for wardrobe changes—that was super versatile, comfortable and had an element of stretch (because moms have to bend down a lot).

The winner is…

Mother Denim



Off-the-Shoulder Blouses

Showing some shoulder is super sexy and so on trend. Add some floral prints and you look like you are rocking the boho chic trend! However, off-the-shoulder tops sometimes feel like they are literally falling off, and kids can also tug too hard and leave you in an embarrassing scenario. I have tried countless tops and found this style from Show Me Your Mumu! It comes in so many different prints, and get this—you can wear it three different ways!

Show Me Your Mumu Heidi Ruffle Top






Boho Dresses

I have to say, rocking a boho dress makes me feel like my pre-mama self, carefree and feminine. There are so many amazing ones out there, but not all of them are easy to wash (very important), some crease easily (no-go in mom life), and some have really pretty but big slits (super awkward with kids). This one by Free People is the perfect midi length, is made from a great breathable fabric and has a pretty flattering shape. It comes in a few different colors, too!

Free People boho dress



I was on the search for one pair of cute low booties I could wear with everything that worked for day and night. As a mom, the less options I have to get ready in the morning the better—because it’s all about streamlining. Ambitious, right? 

Well, after a lot of online orders and returns and visiting quite a few department stores awkwardly stalking the shoe departments, I found ’em! These Jeffrey Campbell booties come in any color you can possibly imagine. I say start with the black ones because they go with everything. I promise. They have amazing cutouts so they work for summer and spring, and you can pair them with maxi skirts and dresses, high-waisted denim shorts, jeans, trousers, anything and everything! I have worn them all day and then into the evening with the ease of sporting my Nikes. You’re welcome!

Jeffrey Campbell booties



I’m kind of an accessories junkie. I believe the right necklace, earrings or rings can elevate any outfit and take your basics to another level. If you buy inexpensive, trendy pieces you can save money and add color in your accessories instead of with your clothes, which is way tougher on your wallet.



This one is from Free People and looks so cute with a T-shirt and shorts. It adds instant style to any outfit.


These earrings by Souci Tassels come in every color of the rainbow, they are super weightless, and they are easy to put on without a mirror (which I have to do countless times).








I’m always on the lookout for stackable rings that don’t inhibit my hands when I’m with my kiddos. These from Bauble Bar are so fun and you can mix and match them. They make my hands looks so hip.







I love necklaces! They add something extra to a low neckline and are a great way to infuse your personality into your look. It was hard to pick just one, but I settled on this really fun gold chain I found at Free People. It is simple and can be adjusted to different lengths so you can rock the choker trend one day and have a simple classic chain the next.



Bathing Suit

Summer wouldn’t be summer without the perfect swimsuit. Since having my two boys, as much as I love a two-piece, I have been searching for one-pieces that are feminine, youthful and stylish. Cue Show Me Your Mumu. They have an amazing selection of so many different styles and prints, but this particular one resonated with me because it hits so many trends and still covers up the areas that can be less than perfect post-childbirth. It can be worn three different ways and is so comfortable, and I truly gave it the real mom test. I took my boys swimming while wearing it and there were no embarrassing mishaps. Sold!


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Samantha Gutstadt