Digital Moms Series - Mompreneurs

A few weeks ago my friend and colleague Aisha Alkayali from the Thegiftpick blog and I put together an event at Soho House West Hollywood to start a conversation about mompreneurs and digital media.

We were so honoured to have the distinguished and talented panelists we did - Sarah Penna - Head of Awestruck Network, Catherine McCord - Founder of Weelicious and One Potato, and Two of the ladies from JustBoobs Sketch, Elizabeth Bond and Melissa Rojas.

We gathered in an intimate “speakeasy” type space and asked big questions like, where is digital media going next, what is the “perfect” length for content and on what platforms are we consuming and sharing our content. Our panelists all had unique perspectives and different insights into all of these topics and we were able to delve deep!

Some takeaways:

  • Focus on one or two digital platforms, don’t spread yourself too thin, unless of course you have a professional team helping you manage it all!
  • Find your niche and stay authentic
  • Companies are less focused right now on how many followers someone has on social and is more interested in the engagement they have. This was such a relief to hear because as we are all working hard to build our communities we want them to be “real people” right?!
  • 2017 is going to be a big year for digital networks! There are a lot of new platforms who’s budgets are expanding and this is anticipated to be a big year of growth before some huge companies start to acquire some of the smaller platforms.

This series will continue in April with new panelists (can’t wait to share!)

Here are a few pics!
Hope you can join us next time.


Samantha Gutstadt