Clean Beauty Swap

I was recently inspired at a panel by Eco Sessions on clean beauty and decided to challenge myself to a clean beauty swap, where I took some of my favorite products and switched them out for greener counterparts.

This experiment has proven to be super fun and actually quite enlightening. I absolutely love trying new beauty products and ever since I was pregnant with my now 4 year old, I have been more aware of what ingredients are in the products I use and try to seek out sustainably made and environmentally concious brands.

Here are a few of my favorite finds, where to get them and how to use them!


Vapour Beauty Artist Eye Palette in Mediterranean
This is a perfect palette. It very neutral and has great staying power.




Aura Multi-Use Blush in Courtesan

OMG, this blush in my new fave item in my makeup kit. It’s the PERFECT color for cheeks and it’s multi use so you can use it on lips and eyes too! I use it daily and it also gives a slightly dewey finish.





Elixer Plumping Lip Gloss in Beguile

Amazing, non sticky gloss with great colour and staying power. Feels like you are putting on a luxurious moisturizer but this also has that amazing shine and pop of color. It doesn't hurt that it smells amazing!





Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

As a non-foundation wearing girl, this product is PERFECTION! I like to use it as a concealer to cover up any imperfections. It has a dewey finish so I feel like I'm glowing from within.





Rituel De Fille Forbidden Lipstick in Fortune Teller

I am always shy of wearing RED on my lips. This lipstick is creamy and moisturizing and still red but not in your face. It is a soft red and all I need to create a glam look with a throwback to Old Hollywood.






Rituel De Fille Rare Light Luminizer in Anthelion

I recently came to the conclusion that given my coloring, I should not be wearing traditional bronzer. When you are as fair as I am, bronzer can look cake-y and unnatural. This luminizer can do double duty on fair complexions as a bronzer since it gives a subtle “just went to a beach for a few days” look and great glow!



Mun Akwi Purifying Cleanser

 I was recently introduced to this amazing cleanser and LOVE it! It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, it takes the day off and makes my skin feel refreshed, cleansed and doesn’t dry it out. Two very big thumbs up!




Rahua Volume Dry Shampoo

Ok, I’ll say it, I have difficult hair. My hair is big, curly and has lots of texture but also doesn't have volume, what?! I need products that will tackle the frizz factor while at the same time adding volume which is at times a paradox because most volumizing products are drying, aka: frizz-making. This dry shampoo is non-aerosal (mom approved) and really creates the hold, grittiness and volume I need to make my style stretch a few more days between shampoos.




Rahua Voluminous Hairspray

Everything I said about the dry shampoo and more! This spray is something I use daily to create hold and volume for day 2 and 3 of a blow-dry or natural curl style. It is also the perfect product to prep hair with for a pony or bun.


Samantha Gutstadt