10 Ways to Up Your Photo-Taking Game (with Kids)

As a blogger and content creator, I take a lot of pics. I also happen to take a lot of pics with my kids (ages 3 and 5).


I get asked a lot how to prepare for photo shoots to get the most content in the shortest amount of time, how to make it a fun environment for the kiddos and how to get natural-looking, “unposed” shots. 


Here are my tips and tricks for getting Insta-worthy photos with (or without) your little ones!

  • Location is everything! Places in your home, your neighborhood or even a wall that you find cool will look pretty in a picture! Some of my favorites are neighborhood streets that have beautiful flowers and plants or urban city backgrounds with cool wall art and storefronts. And in my house, I love our living room, which gets beautiful light and has nice neutral tones with a few pops of color. 


  • Overshoot your shoot. We take way more pictures than we think are necessary when I’m with my kids, because coordinating more than one person’s face to look great in a picture is an art form at best. Keep the camera going and take a ton of photos and let the kids move and be natural and you will find some amazing Insta-worthy moments to post!


  • In terms of wardrobe styling, make sure that you and your kiddos are wearing the same tones or colors. 


  • Props! Props are fun, can add a pop of color or texture to a shoot and kids love them. We’ve had everything from inflatable beach balls and swans to sand toys, books and oversize lollipops!


  • If you are shooting just products, have them on backgrounds like photo paper in wood or marble. A simple hardwood floor or wood table or even a fluffy white shag rug could also look great! Keep the products really close together. I know it might look weird to your eye, but in the picture it’ll look fab.


  • Move around. No need to be “posed” for your shots. Cuddle your kiddo, laugh with your eyes closed or chat with your friend—photographers will find those amazing moments in between that are real and authentic.


  • Get to know your “style” and try to keep your photos in that style. For example, if you like bright colors like millennial pink, yellows and blues, try to incorporate those colors and tones into your shoot.


  • Laugh before you smile. This is a tip from my modeling days. When you laugh right before the picture is taken, your smile will be authentic, not frozen. And your eyes will be smiling, too.


  • Have a few outfit changes for you and the kids at a shoot. I usually do 3-4 each shoot so we have a lot of different looks to use over a period of time, and no one knows it’s all been done in the same session!


  • Mostly, be YOU and have FUN! Those two things will shine the brightest and make people want to comment, like and follow away!



—Edited by Ella Stewart. Ella is a stay-at-home mom to two little ones and a freelance copy editor and editor


Samantha Gutstadt