You’ve started an incredible community of like-minded creative Mamas (Fashion Mamas), what gave you the idea/inspiration for this and why? 

  •          I was looking for a way to connect the wonderful women in my life that hadtwo things in common: 1) motherhood and 2) successful careers in fashion or creative industries. I wanted to reward these incredible mothers for unapologetically striving to have it all — because it's truly possible!

        You are super stylish and have been working in the fashion space for a while, 5 must haves in any Mama’s closet and how to wear them and why? 

  •          1) A high-quality black leather moto jacket — it instantly makes any outfit looks a little more badass, 2) sneakers that are cool but comfortable — I love my Nike Cortez sneakers, Adidas Superstar shell toes, and Fenty Puma creepers, 3) a cool mini backpack that doubles as a small kid essentials bag when they aren't wearing diapers anymore but do need an emergency toy and snack when you're out and about, 4) chic leggings that you can wear to the gym,  the park, and chasing after your little one at home, 5) chokers because they're cute and are also too high up your neck for your kid to pull on ;)

        How do you shop these days, online, in store?

  •         For being so into tech, I must say that I'm old-fashioned when it comes to shopping. I do have my fave e-shops though and definitely purchase online when I know something isn't available IRL. 


        Fave 5 sites to find clothes, shoes, accessories: 

  •             Reformation for sassy clothing, Susi Studio for classic footwear, and Amarilofor sexy jewelry. 
Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.16.18 PM.png

        If you could talk to your pre-mama self, what fashion advice would you give her and why. 

  •             Keep doing you, girl! (My fashion sense hasn't changed — still love short-shorts and all-black-everything, haha)

        Quote you live by and why. 

  •            "Work hard, play hard." I am absolutely a workaholic, but I'm also the first person on the dance floor. :)

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Samantha Gutstadt