Feeding kids is no joke. I discovered this as soon as my first kiddo, Ryder started eating solids and I would stress over each meal, trying to figure out what I could prepare that was nutritious, yummy and something that would appeal to my husband and I and our super picky toddler.

Cue Weelicious - my friend Suzanne introduced me to The Weelicious cookbook one day at a playdate and I was sold. I started following @weelicious on Facebook and Instagram and loved how they offered ideas for meals, school lunches and so much more!  The founder, Catherine McCord has the most entertaining IG feed (which also happens to be super informative) so you gotta follow her! She recently launched One Potato which is a meal delivery service where you get a box weekly of recipes and all the organic ingredients you need to make them. 

I got to ask her 6 Questions about parenthood, life and what’s next! Check it out and be sure to follow @weelicious and @onepotatobox! 

Best Meal you’ve ever had? Like ever. And why? 

  • My husband and I traveled to Japan many years ago. When we were in Kyoto randomly we happened upon a Robata Bar in the middle of nowhere. No one there was American and I genuinely thought they would turn us away, but we sat on tatami mats in front of a stoked fire and pointed at all the simple yet gorgeous foods in front of the cooks, watched and devoured skewer after skewer. There was nothing fancy about it, but every bite was better then the last!

When did you know Weelicious was your calling and how did you get started? 

  • I started Weelicious 9 years ago after the birth of my son, Kenya. We had always shopped for our food at the Hollywood farmers market and when he started eating purees I wanted to make homemade food. I did a ton of research into how to make babies great eaters from day one, but found little information and sites to guide me. That was the beginning of posting a different baby food recipe and my family food journey on Weelicious. 

5 must have tools/gadgets in the kitchen, go. 

  • Kitchen Aid Pro Series Blender for our morning smoothies, hand mandolin, very sharp knife, silicone spatula in 2 sizes and a 2 tbsp ice cream scoop for making cookies, scooping ice cream and melon balls. I love kitchen gadgets!

Where do you see yourself and Weelicious/One Potato in 5 years? 

  • In 5 years I hope One Potato is feeding families across the US! One Potato has changed theway we eat as a family. Everything is easier, takes less time and gives me more time to be with my family! I hope Weelicious is still chugging ahead inspiring people to get in the kitchen and make simple recipes that stand the test of time. 

If you could talk to your pre-parent self, what advice would you give her and why? 

  • Enjoy every minute because you’re about to be on the busiest and BEST journey of your life!

Something you want to share that not many people know about you..? Surprise us! 

  • As a kid I sat at my the radio and called in for radio contests all hours of the day. I have quite the collection or mugs and tee shirts from 99.7 DJX in Louisville, KY ;)


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Samantha Gutstadt