Nazneen Contractor is a beautiful force of nature. Not only is she a successful working actress, but she’s also Mama to an adorable little boy. I asked her 6 Questions so we can get to know her better and learn how this busy mama is balancing shooting her new show Ransom with motherhood.

You’ve been appearing in movies and TV since way before becoming a Mama and you are in the new CBS show Ransom, tell about your character and this whole experience.

  • "Ransom" is a procedural based on the experiences of the world renown negotiator Laurent Combalbert. The show centers around an elite team of negotiators in the private sector whom you call when the normal paths of law & enforcement are of no help. I play Zara Hallam, an ex cop, who serves as the teams' lead investigator and security liaison. She's tough, amazing at her job and a married woman who's a mother of two. It's not often you get to see such a well rounded female character on network TV. Zara is a dreamboat to play. 

You travel a lot as a busy working actress, how do you manage all the travel with being a mama to your adorable little boy?

  • It's very hard to leave home. I kind of feel like I've lost part of my identity when I'm apart from my little boy. When possible we all travel together. But it has to be the right job & location because normally I'm working from before he wakes up to after he's asleep. Sometimes that goldilocks effect happens and the job instantly becomes so much better because I get to have some family time. 

Where do you see your acting career in 5 years, 10 years? What is the ultimate dream?

  • I'd like to do more features. And I'd definitely like to have my own TV show. 

Your husband, Carlo Rota is also a very successful actor (and great cook) have you worked together a lot and what’s that like?

  • We met on set on one of my first jobs actually! And since then we've worked together a handful of times. Most recently we work together in my show  "Ransom". It's all very natural working together because we often run our stuff with each other as well astape auditions together. I love it! 

You get to give your pre-mama self some advice, what would it be?

  • Don't stress about your career or your body. Everything will be better than you can imagine it to be. 

What has been the most surprising thing so far about motherhood?

  • The amount of crazy love I feel for our son. It's only understood by other mothers.

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